Know the Bacteria Types of the Human Body

Know the Bacteria Types of the Human Body

One can notice some interesting relationship between humans and the bacteria. There are two different varieties of bacteria in a human body. One species of bacteria is accountable for the wicked of the diseases that usually humans confront in their lifetime. On the other hand, there are numerous species of bacteria present in the human body for thousands of years. Such bacteria play a vital role in carrying out some activities such as the digestion and providing the best support and security to the immune system. A human body often abounds with the organisms that jointly help in producing the genetic human body.

Bacteria types in the Human body

All the human beings don’t have similar species of bacteria in their bodies. We can witness a wide range of species with different microbial mix. A microorganism utilizes the human body in order to exist, reproduce and carry out its duties. The organisms that cause infections are called as pathogens. Some of the major examples of the pathogens include viruses, bacteria, prions and more. Usually, the pathogens have the ability to multiply and adapt to the environment at a rapid speed. There are some identifiable infections that appear in the exterior side. There are some life-threatening and complicated bacteria in the body causing diseases that could withstand only with a proper treatment. Here is everything you need to know about the types of bacteria in a human body. Have a look!

What are Bacteria?

Bacteria are the microorganisms that comprises of single cell in each one also known as prokaryotes. As per the reports, there are more than one nonillion bacteria existing on the earth. Nonillion is actually a digit 1 followed by 30 zeros which is truly unimaginable. Most portion of the earth is comprised of bacteria. In fact, bacteria exist in three different shapes such as the following: Spherical shaped bacteria appear pretty simple and easy to treat and referred to as cocci. The spiral-shaped bacteria are also known as spirilla. The rod-shaped bacteria are known as bacilli. Bacteria have the ability to exist in any of the environmental conditions ranging from massive heat to utmost cold conditions. Some of the bacteria types have the ability to survive in the radioactive waste stuff.

Types of Bacteria in the Human Body

There are an extensive range of bacteria types in the human body. We can find the bacteria in the blood, under the skin, inside your mouth and many other locations within your body. Due to some types of bacteria, you might have to suffer from various deadly infections and illnesses. The bacteria have the ability to move towards different corners of the body like the blood, intestines, and even the skin. People whose bloodstream is filled with specific bacteria will definitely confront serious diseases and health conditions. Sometimes, it could eventually lead to last breath. It is essential to understand the types of bacteria in the human body. This post explains the type of bacteria which is very harmful to the body. Check it out below!

  1. Staphylococcus

Staphylococcus is a type of bacteria species that we often witness inside the mouth and under the skin of a human body. We can classify these bacteria into Staphylococcus Epidermidis and Staphylococcus Aureus. This type of bacteria comes with a thick cell wall often referred to as gram-positive. Usually, the shape of these bacteria is oval shaped. These organisms have the ability to generate infections in the humans. Due to the illnesses caused in the human body, they might diminish the functionality of immune system and it might finally cause a secondary infection namely Staphylococcus. We can even witness this type of bacteria within the skin that causes infections in any location of the body.

  1. Streptococcus

Streptococcus is another type of bacteria that fills a massive portion of the entire organism count in the body. Usually, these Streptococcus are divided into different types of bacteria that include mutans, mitis, salivarius, pneumoniae, pyogenes and more. All these bacteria types exist inside the mouth, under the skin and even in the blood. These types of bacteria cells are oval-shaped. It might cause cavities in the teeth. In most of the cases, this bacterium just resides inside the body causing less harm to the body. Sometimes, this species causes moderate infections and could lead to complicated diseases.

  1. Lactobacillus

Usually, the organisms produce lactic acid of the genus Streptococcus which is not just the source of lactic acid causing destruction inside the mouth. The cells of lactobacillus transform Lactose into lactic acid. As a result, it produces immense cavity-causing acid. Usually, the Lactobacillus type of bacteria appears in a long rod-shaped structure that has a thickest cell wall.

  1. E. Coli

E. Coli is an acronym for Escherichia Coli that fall under the category of gram-negative bacteria. Such bacteria types often cause diseases such as Cholera. This bacterium has rod-shaped structure that is usually situated within the intestines. Only little amount of the bacteria are located in the mouth of an individual. We can witness E. coli in the environment and in the foods such as leafy green vegetable, fresh foods and ground beef.

  1. Corynebacterium

It is another type of bacteria that comprises of two different bacteria species such as pathogenic and non-pathogenic. This type of bacteria generates toxins that eventually cause a disease namely Diphtheria. It is an infection that causes illness in the throat and the mucous membranes within the nose. In some serious conditions, it might cause damage to the nervous system, heart and kidneys as well.

Final Words

That’s all! This is everything you need to know about the types of bacteria in a human body.

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