How to Find the Best Cardiac Surgeon in India?

How to Find the Best Cardiac Surgeon in India?

In India cardiovascular diseases (CVD) have become the leading cause of mortality. Ischemic heart diseases (recurring chest pain that occurs because the heart does not receive enough blood) and stroke are responsible for more than 80 per cent deaths that occur due to CVDs.  Therefore, the correct diagnosis and treatment of these diseases holds a lot of significance.

A cardiac surgeon is specialized in treating and diagnosing various conditions of the heart.  The cardiac surgeon operates on the heart and blood vessels to restore the damage caused by various conditions of the cardiovascular system.

Qualification to Become a Cardiac Surgeon

To become a cardiac surgeon one needs to acquire a lot of skills and knowledge.

  • First of all, after completing school, a student needs to appear for the medical entrance exam.
  • After the exam is cleared a 5 years graduation (MBBS) has to be completed. The graduation teaches the students extensively about human anatomy and physiology.
  • After completing graduation, the next step is to go for MS in general surgery. This is a one-year internship which is a must.
  • Later when the internship is completed, the students have to apply for Mch in Cardiology.
  • A doctor may decide to opt for specialization in pediatric cardiac surgery, adult acquired heart disease or cardiac transplantation.

Types of Cardiac Surgeons

Adult Cardiac Surgeon – An adult cardiac surgeon carries out surgical procedures on the heart and large blood vessels in the chest in patients above the age of 16 years. The surgeries are carried out to treat complications pertaining to the narrowing of the coronary arteries, diseases of the heart valves, rheumatic heart diseases etc.

Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon – A pediatric cardiac surgeon treats complex congenital heart defects and acquired heart diseases in newborns, infants and children under the age of 16.  Congenital heart defects refer to the deformities in the heart’s structure present at birth.

Treatments Provided by the Cardiac Surgeons

Some of the most common surgeries carried out by cardiac surgeons include –

Angioplasty – The surgery is carried out to restore the flow of blood to the heart by reopening the arteries which become narrow due to the deposition of fat.

Stent placement – Stent is a metal coil placed to hold the artery open. The stent is usually placed to open up a narrowed artery.

Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting – In this surgery, a blocked coronary artery is attached to a healthy vein or artery. This makes a new passage for blood rich in oxygen to avoid the blocked area and reach the heart.

Heart Transplant – A malfunctioning heart is replaced by other heart.

Carotid Surgery – The surgery is conducted to remove the deposited plaque in the carotid artery.

How to Find the Best Cardiac Surgeon?

If you are looking for a top cardiac surgeon in India, there could be several ways to determine that you find the best. The most common way would be to go with a word of mouth; you may ask your friends or relative to recommend the doctor they have taken treatment from.  The second way could be to browse several hospital websites to find the doctor that matches your expectation.

The third way is to visit an online portal. This portal will not only make it easy for you to find a doctor, but you can also read the patient reviews to make a quick decision. Also, the portal has a free chat option, which makes it even more useful.

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