8 Ways to Get Through a Painful Workday

Coping up with a nerve-wracking workday can be an excruciating task for all of us. Everyone has to live through this experience sometime or the other. The moods of disinterest and demotivation entrap us, forcing us to have a painful dragging day at work. While the place of work and the job you do are the same every day, if we focus on lifting our spirit and channel it differently, we can overcome the ill effects of the demotivating mood at the workplace.

Ways to Get Through a Painful Workday

When you are stressed, certain side effects also accompany it, like headaches, migraine, sore throat, body aches and more.  These short-term ailments can be easily controlled by being a little cautious about the lifestyle. However, many people make use of medication that provides immediate relief from these symptoms.

Tips to Get Through Painful Working days

Here are some useful and effective tips that you can follow on tough days:

When you get up in the morning

As soon as you get up from the bed and confront this feeling of being demotivated, drink some cold water and splash an ounce of it on your face. Research suggests that soaking in cold water activates your senses and gives an energised feel.  This activated energy improves your mood and helps you to kick-off your day.

Grab your breakfast

On a blue day, your appetite is not good enough to let you have a heavy breakfast. If you are not hungry enough, it’s fine to skip breakfast for a day. Otherwise, prefer to have some light breakfast with rich fibre which gives you a sustained release of energy, and never gets you drained out. As soon as you reach the office, even if you are tempted to grab a coffee cup to your desk, resist the urge for an hour. The caffeine content in coffee can weaken the cortisol effects and increase your anxiety.

Prioritise your tasks

At your work desk, take note of the most important tasks that you want to complete during the day. Having a definite plan on this day helps you maintain a clear head with feasible objectives. The to-do list should contain a set of simple tasks that can be accomplished by the end of the day.  After prioritising your tasks, it’s time to get refreshed with a cup of coffee. Walk from your desk and go outside to get some fresh air and get caffeinated.

During Peak hours in office

While at the peak working hours in the office, when you are in a call or a meeting, spare yourself one minute and look at the nature wallpaper of your system.  Scientific studies reveal that watching a nature scenic even for 40 seconds have can an impact on your anxiety and stress levels.  If possible, get yourself a five-minute walk in the outdoors.

Relax in lunch hours

Eating away from the working desk generally increases productivity. Give yourself a convenient break from work and slip away from the desk to take a relaxing lunch. If allowed, take a power nap at the end of the lunch. Short power naps for half an hour can tremendously increase your energy levels.

Trigger your creative juices

After passing the lunch hour, it’s time for some creative ventures as your energy levels at this hour are relatively low. With your energy levels being low, you can make use of this state by embarking on a real-time problem without bothering to find a solution for it. For example, you can ponder over the discussion you had in the last five meetings and see to it if there is a better way to sort out the problem.

Get energised

As you are heading to the completion of the day, your muscles tend to have more of the home stretch. If possible, listen to some energising music or a light talk. Complete the pending tasks of the day like sending emails and checking out tomorrow’s tasks.

Uplift your mood

Surviving a tiring day is not easy, but you got through the day. Restrain from the office, and now it’s time for you. Engage in any mood uplifting hobby that you might have, like playing sports, reading a light genre novel, or gardening or anything of your interest.

Common tips to be followed for the whole day

Ensure you do not overeat

It is quite natural to over-consume foods when you are bored or exhausted. Be a little conscious while munching, ensure that you don’t eat too much of sugary foods. Instead, you can have some filling foods like boiled eggs or grains to keep your energy lifted throughout the day

Stop delaying

As much as possible, stop procrastinating at your work. Long term build-up of stress can make you feel neurotic.  Knock out the pending tasks from your work plate and distress yourself. By doing this, you can feel more fresh and alert.

Try meditation

Meditation is a wonderful way of decreasing your stress levels and making you more focused. Even as short as ten to fifteen minutes of meditation practice in a day can yield tremendous benefits in your work. It helps you stay more focused and handle the present situation tactfully.